donderdag 13 juli 2017

Devashish, arrested and a trial is proceeding

Vrindavan School (Bhaktivedanta Gurukula & International School – BGIS)

Whereas, several months ago students of the Vrindavan school (BGIS) were sexually abused off site by a local perpetrator who is known to be a danger. The school pushed police authorities to have the alleged perpetrator, Devashish, arrested and a trial is proceeding. To push for the arrest and prosecution in a region where police are usually unwilling to take strong action is commendable. 

Whereas, that any abuse could again occur in the vicinity of this school—despite the high priority of child protection we should expect there—is unacceptable. It demonstrates that the school did not have adequate measures in place to ensure the safety of its students. 

Whereas, the Director of the ISKCON Child Protection Office has determined that child protection training, policies, and enforcement are inadequate within the BGIS.

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