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dinsdag 24 november 2009

een gebed van mij geinspireerd door de gita

Paramatma let me remember everything that I so light forget, purify my memory, so that I can hold the good and not estimate any loss today. So that I don't need to learn again what I have learned yesterday lite also my mind with your grace.
The theme of the prair is that memory comes from paramatma, in normal existence, He can give our memory back or losses. The prair originally in Dutch is made by me,inspired by reading the Bhagavad gita. is also for the smal things, to remember daily thanking for a new day, small things, like a sipp of water, the essence of a flower in the fields. To see the wonder how a flower changes in a aple, coming from a smal seed! That grows to a big tree, feeding miljards of Your creature's. Every apple that falls on the ground is a offering on the earth, Bhumi. Escaping on the grip of Ananta Sesha and falling down.Surrendering on the gravity. Like us to the Lord, Oh Lord Bhagavan, everything I going do this day, I do it for You, what I don't eat or take is a offering for You.Now I make a translation of them, and chair my inspiration with you ,My question? Please give me a donation by writing a message, comments or for improvements.Or a link to my writings :(
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