maandag 8 februari 2010

Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 8 Chapter 6

Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 8 Chapter 6: "SB 8.6.13: Elephants afflicted by a forest fire become very happy when they get water from the Ganges. Similarly, O my Lord, from whose navel grows a lotus flower, since You have now appeared before us, we have become transcendentally happy. By seeing Your Lordship, whom we have desired to see for a very long time, we have achieved our ultimate goal in life.Er lijkt hier hier een contradictie te komen Zij hebben het ultieme doel bereikt, verder is er dan niets meer

SB 8.6.14: My Lord, we, the various demigods, the directors of this universe, have come to Your lotus feet. Please fulfill the purpose for which we have come. You are the witness of everything, from within and without. Nothing is unknown to You, and therefore it is unnecessary to inform You again of anything." the purpose for which we have come staat hier dit staat in 8-6-13 al duidelijk het ultieme doel bereikt de Heer te zien alles is dan vervuld! Dan is alles verder Maya illusie! Persoonlijk bereik ik toch liever de spirituele wereld als ultiem doel!